Free Culture Trust

Our Mission

The Free Culture Trust will receive and hold copyright bequests from artists who want assurance of unfettered public access to their works. The organization will use the copyrights to:

This is not just for estates. It is also a way for living artists to "opt out" of restrictive copyright easily, and not have to deal with the hassle of policing their copyrights, registering them for maximum legal protection, answering questions about rights, etc.

The organization will provide legal templates to make this process easy with boilerplate language for copyright assignment by a living artist as well as copyright assignment as part of an artist's estate and for fiscal contributions along with their work (especially when it's part of an estate).

The organization will also work with publishers and other distributors so that they do not impose long-term restrictions on where the copyright ends up or what can be done with it. In addition, FCT will provide language for contracts with publishers that offers various gradations of "free": time-delayed free licensing, conditionalized free-licensing, liberation prices, etc.

Bootstrapping the Organization

For startup phase, the organization is using as a fiscal sponsor, since QCO is already a 501(c)(3) and this all fits well within QCO's mission.

Free Culture Trust may eventually grow to do other things beyond just handling bequests and making sure the licenses are respected, but feel that copyright bequests are a good starting point and anything else the organization takes on in the future should be determined by a combination of demand, capacity, and compatibility with current activities.

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